Study with me

I have been tutoring and coaching students for a decade now.

While I also prepare structured lessons, my approach consists mainly of problem solving and ‘debugging’. With experience in learning a variety of languages, Whatever you need to achieve in a language, and whatever obstacle you run into, I can find the most efficient, effective, and tailored way for you to make progress.

I always make sure to provide you with a list of vocabulary and expressions after each class—exactly the way I, as a learner, like it.

If that sounds good to you,

I am currently offering individualised lessons in:


I have been immersed in the English-speaking world since the advent of the Internet age, and I have lived in England for the past few years. As a holder of a straight 5** (A*) in the HKDSE exam and an MPhil at Oxford, I am fully capable of using English in all domains of daily life. Whether you plan to move to an anglophone area, sit an exam, or just enjoy English-language media more comfortably, I can help you find the easiest ways to absorb idiomatic usage and improve your pronunciation.

Hong Kong Cantonese

Now is the best time to learn Cantonese. I’ve been blogging about fun Cantonese features, peculiarities, and vocabulary for years now, and whether you’re a beginner exploring the language, or an intermediate learner seeking real practice, I’m excited to guide you through my mother tongue!


I minored in German in university and won an award at the Hong Kong German Public Speaking Competition. I also studied German literature and had many classes in German during my year abroad. I can break down the complex grammar and constructions from a learner’s perspective. Beginners and intermediate learners welcome!


I have been studying French since primary school. I know how to best master the pronunciation and focus only on the grammar you need to start speaking this beautiful language. Beginners welcome!


Have you wondered why Swedes speak like they’re singing, or whät IKEA nämes meän? Not only is Sweden a beautiful country to live and travel in, but learning the language also helps you communicate with its neighbouring countries. I lived in Sweden for one year and passed an advanced language test within 3 months. That means I really know how to take shortcuts through this language and live like a native. Beginners and intermediate learners welcome!


Trust me: Polish is not the hardest language in the world. I know because I’ve been through it! As someone who went from a David against the Goliath of Polish, to a consumer of Polish Netflix and YouTube, I will use my tips and tricks to break down the language into chewable bits for you. If you want to explore the language of Copernicus, Chopin, and Mickiewicz, learn with me now!

Coaching for self-learners

Prefer to study on your own rather than be taught? Sure! I can use my experience to guide you through the process, suggest efficient ways of using resources, improve your self-study techniques, and keep you on track towards your goals by checking in regularly and self-evaluation, no matter what language you are learning.

Studying German literature

I offer trial lessons at half price. Come over to the contact form now to ask about rates and book your first lesson!

Rescheduling policy

Unless otherwise requested, a normal lesson lasts 45 minutes. The rate provided by email will refer to a lesson of this length.
Changes to lesson time or cancellations are permitted until 12 hours before lesson time.
Changes to lesson time, but not cancellations, are permitted until 3 hours before lesson time.
With a valid reason (usually under unpredictable circumstances, such as technical problems), changes are permitted until 15 minutes into lesson time, but not cancellations.
If a student is late for up to 15 minutes, I may or may not extend the lesson, depending on the content of the class.
If a student is late for more than 15 minutes, the lesson is counted as a no-show, no rescheduling is permitted, and the student is required to pay the full amount. The student may choose to use the remaining time to conduct the class normally (no extra time will be given), or may request other relevant services to use the time that I have. I also reserve the right to cancel the class outright and charge the student.