Blog update: unfortunate hiatus


Oh well, just as I was pumped to start writing a lot again, life tripped me and forced yet another hiatus onto my blog. A bit more than a week ago, I brutally murdered my laptop – more like manslaughter maybe – by soaking it with liquid. In a very embarrassing way that I really don’t want to talk about. But you can imagine. Anyhow, since I absolutely hate typing long articles on virtual keyboards (both of my devices’ screens screw up a lot!) it seems like I’ll have to give the blog another rest, at least until I get a replacement (it’s too costly to fix stuff in Scandinavia) or a Bluetooth keyboard maybe. Meanwhile you’re welcome to read all the (few) posts that I’ve written painstakingly!

But what have I been doing off the blog recently? Well at university, the readings are starting to pile up, especially since the Scandinavian culture course is now in its literature part. Yes, I’m reading my first ever Swedish novel right now (Handen by Henning Mankell) – I’m absolutely not required to do it in Swedish, but hey, isn’t one of the goals of learning a language to read in the original?


Oh and did I mention I passed my TISUS Swedish test? Sadly I didn’t get detailed results (to write about), but hey, that’s super awesome!

Language-wise I’m mainly working on Polish with Glossika and Anki, which you may or may not know (more about that later), casually Swahili just for fun (because I’m in the Lingua Franca Challenge Facebook group), and trying to “make my Japanese happen” (that’s my way of saying “feel the click”), so it’s quite a juggling act. Not to mention I’m spending time with the piano and violin so as not to make my teachers annoyed.

As for the blog? Well I do have lots of ‘insights’ to share regarding language learning, especially ones that aren’t commonly discussed in the community, even though I’m probably not experienced enough to talk about it yet. I do plan on finishing my Germany in a Month series, even if it’s already been 4 months – persistence man, deadline is half a year after that trip! And if I feel like it, I might write on my more recent adventures as well. They weren’t that nice….I’ve suffered quite some losses.

I’m again considering posting stuff like writings for practice and Swedish vlogs; I’m just wondering if those would clog up the blog a bit (I’m more dedicated to providing my readers with what they’d like to read). But again, not until I’m able to write more.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll bear with me while I wait for my next babe (I mean, device). Who knows, perhaps a new challenge is right around the corner!