The Cantonese podcast for fans of linguistics, language lovers, and Cantonese learners. This episode discusses Bulgarian grammar, evidentiality, Signal and Telegram’s Hong Kong localisation in Cantonese, writing Cantonese in French, and names and translations within the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

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苗:You just insulted my entire race of people, but thank you.


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I honestly doubt I need an introduction to the current international Olympic frenzy.

Open any social media, and half of what you see is sports news from Tokyo 2020/2021. (For me, the other half is depressing Hong Kong news.)

And with any luck, or if you’re following any Hong Kong-related accounts, you might have some dramatic moments to follow and celebrate.

In this edition of Bel Canton, where I highlight (new) Cantonese words that are essential to current topics, let’s react to the Olympic Games together!

But first, the basics.

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